CrossTech IT is a startup that connects upfront technology with innovation in the human creativity ecosystem engaging the neuronal network perspective.

Smart Planning

We know that your mobile phone becomes more and more crowded with so many apps. This one keeps it simple. Download it and you will make all your planning from leisure to business easier. Do it our way: it’s Smart Planning!

Personal Streamer

Personal Streamer allows the user to truly reflect and enhance the surroundings they’re in. Whether it’s a bar, cafe or restaurant, gym or exercise class, working environment or living space, or simply spending time on your own, Personal Streamer creates the right soundtrack and easily adjusts to changes in those surroundings. Far more than just playlists, it’s intelligent system helps the user quickly reflect changes in the mood and number of people present, and adapt the music accordingly.


Bluesmobil is the gateway to the exclusive music of blues & jazz artists you will always love. Come on board and let's blues!


Useful mobile application for handy men in Olso, Norway delivering simple and quick services needed for home users.


Easy to use time management mobile application useful synched with secretary input and web booking by clients. Quick features for doctors to cancel appointments, reschedule or set days as unavailable with a single click.